How to Ask for Braces-Safe Holiday Food

by | Dec 1, 2022 | Dental Health

Asking for braces-safe food in advance can make holiday get-togethers much easier and more fun! People are typically happy to accommodate special dietary needs if you just let them know what you need! Here’s how to ask for braces-safe holiday food.

Keeping Your Braces in Top Shape

Before we talk about how to ask for braces-safe holiday food, let’s start by discussing why braces-safe food is important. The reason why orthodontists typically recommend avoiding certain foods when you have braces is that they can put your braces at a higher risk of getting broken.

It’s extra important to be careful around the holidays! It’s not fun to have a wire get pulled loose or a bracket pop off a tooth during a once-a-year party or on a holiday when your orthodontist is closed and you have to wait to get your braces repaired!

What Are Braces-Safe Foods?

Braces-safe foods are typically foods that are soft, easy to chew, and don’t require you to bite directly into them with your front teeth. Braces-safe foods also shouldn’t have crunchy, hard, sticky, or chewy ingredients.

Having braces might mean you’ll need to say no to some favorite holiday treats and that can be tough. But if you’re brave about trying new things, you might find a new favorite holiday treat that is braces-safe! And it will all be worth it on that amazing day when you get your braces off and get to see your new smile!

Asking for Braces-Safe Foods

Nobody wants to have to go in for an extra orthodontist appointment to get their braces repaired when they should be out and about having holiday fun! But it’s also normal to feel a little nervous at first when you don’t know how to ask for brace-safe holiday food.

It can help to start by writing down what you want to say before you talk with anyone. You can ask a parent or your orthodontist to help you find the words to start with. Once you have some talking points on paper, you can decide whether you want to call or send a text message. Just remember: the first time is the hardest! After you’ve done it once or twice, you’ll start to feel more comfortable and it’ll get easier to ask for what you need!

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