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Shannon P.

At Brister Orthodontics in Pearl, MS, we offer cosmetic restoration services using iTero technology to restore a tooth to its original shape, look, and function. Instead of a tray of goopy putty material to create an impression, iTero uses a small wand with a digital camera and reflective dust that allows for a precise image of the unique nooks and crannies of your tooth’s surface. This is used to create a highly accurate 3D digital model.

With iTero, your doctor can:

  • save you from the goop, gagging, and discomfort often experienced with traditional dental impression materials
  • instantly examine a precise 3D digital model of your tooth or your bite
  • fabricate restorations (such as crowns, veneers, or fillings) in one office visit

So, if you’re frustrated with a tooth — our team at Brister Orthodontics in Pearl, MS will help you fix it without the fuss.

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